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        So far on this website, the best journals i have seen are the works of Sun-Stealer, Apophis-wolf, Gas-Mask-Dragon, and Ragnarok20. These people are funny, political, fun, and over all well rounded people. so check them out if you are reading this.


        I've seen a few people gang up on some others on this site. Such as Gas-Mask-Dragon, Atomicat, Katecat and others on one person. The person was Apophis-wolf. I think he handled the situation rather politely, even though the fight went on through at least 4 livejournals. I think that the whole fight was one HUGE misunderstanding. Apophis had friended GMD and GMD didn't answer back what so ever. GMD should have said so if they weren't going to friend him back but they didn't. Apophis seemed to take offense to this and got angry. Apophis send a few messages to GMD asking them to reply. I find it rude that GMD didn't reply, but Apophis kept messageing. GMD got tired of the messages and (carelessly) used Apophis' words in an entry. Apophis got upset and commented... many times. It snowballed from there and got into a big fight. So seemingly out of anger, GMD put a link to Apophis' LJ. This was very wrong. Apophis got pissed and bashed his way into another fight with not only GMD but many of her friends as well. Then they brought the fight to Apophis' LJ and fought some more there. Then on another LJ that had nothing to do with this, one of the friends of GMD started the fight again. The fights have been over for some time, but to avoid this for one, don't ignore people just because they want to be you're friend. Two, don't make entries out of people's words. Three, don't continue an arguement that has ended. Four, Don't make links to you're enemies LJs. And five, If you are being pestered by who you think is a hypocrit, then don't just do a back and forth fight with them. Either ignore them or do what they did to you. don't follow them or allow yourself to be followed. I hate seeing things like this happen. Please avoid starting fights, don't be rude, don't restart a fight that has already ended. And for god sakes Apophis, let it go!

yo yo yo

yo my peeps, nice site man, I checked it out so now you can't say i havnt well, gotta go man, just remember...  bigxsmall= ME k just messin round there


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